ProData Consult helped me realize my dream of going freelance

Working as a Technical IT project manager in a permanent position for most of my career, I had long had a dream of going freelance, as new challenges and a changing work-life always have been motivating factors for me. To help me with this transition, and after a referral from a friend in my network, the choice fell on ProData Consult. They helped me realize my dream.

They know the needs of the clients and can easily match consultant profiles with the right assignments. This helps open the door to rewarding challenges at international companies, courtesy of framework agreements and coupled with an expansive network of clients. This means that I have been able to quickly and effectively get to work on challenging projects that match my experience, skills, and needs.

ProData Consult is also there for me from start to finish in the project. They offer to spar, when and if I need it, and that provides a sense of security in an environment where you are otherwise left to rely on yourself. In addition, they offer their freelancers professional development courses at great prices, annual Christmas dinners and dialogue meetings with the Account Manager, which create opportunities to exchange ideas and receive feedback, helping to ensure a successful completion of the freelance assignment.

ProData Consult is a business partner who fully understands that in order for them to be a success, every one of their consultants must first be successful, and this is apparent in the service they provide to me as a consultant.

Niels-Erik Jørgensen, Project Manager