They are there when you need them

My collaboration with ProData Consult has generally been characterized by professionalism and seriousness. Payment happens on time, and they respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries about billing, contract, or follow-up.

As a former hiring manager, I already had previous experience with ProData Consult from the other side of the table. Thus, they seemed like a natural choice when I decided to make a move from a permanent position to freelance. There are significant differences between consultancies. Serious players like ProData Consult stand out in the way that they are there when you need them and back off when you do not.  They do not call or write constantly, trying to upsell you. Now, with me being a freelancer that impression still holds true.

I had long thought about making a move to freelance life. When I had made up my mind, I contacted several of the major consultancies for my first assignment. I was considered for several projects via different providers. However, it was in collaboration with ProData Consult that I landed my first assignment. The whole process - from bidding on the assignment, forwarding of resume, and two interviews - took just over a week.

As a freelance consultant going forward, it is an advantage that ProData Consult has the size they have, when it comes to landing future assignments. The designated Account Manager knows the strengths and weaknesses of the consultant and is, therefore, always able to keep an eye out for future relevant projects, and even able to proactively initiate the matching process for it, when one’s current contract is nearing expiration.

Flemming Mertz, Agile Project Manager