Learn how to handle data with Azure Cloud

Webinar: Learn how to handle data with Azure Cloud

12. May 2021

Watch the full webinar below

In this recorded webinar from 6 May 2021, Jan Cordtz, Azure expert at Microsoft Denmark, presented topics centering on the Azure Cloud. The topics ranged from how to create a lower-cost solution that provides easier access to data and apps while also offering excellent reliability and increased security. We were taken through the different technologies used and discussed how to activate Infrastructure as Code in modern solutions.

The webinar focused on the technology and the different applications and less about the benefits of using it from a business perspective.



  1. Why we are moving to the cloud
  2. Topics
  3. The Cloud
  4. Microsoft Cloud Offerings
  5. Microsoft Azure
  6. Azure Services
  7. "Programming" Azure
  8. Azure Demo
  9. Cloud in the real world
  10. Economics

The webinar features:

Discussion of commonly used features in a cloud environment, such as:

  • Web hosting services
  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • File storage
  • Database hosting
  • Cost management
  • DevOps, MLOps and DataOps
  • Centralized account management

New offers and capabilities provided by Azure Cloud, such as:

  • AI
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Quantum Computing

Jan Cordtz

Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Jan Corzt with a red hat

Jan Cordtz works at Microsoft Denmark and has been working within IT for +25 years with a "Data-Centric Approach" and within Development, Pre-Sales, Architecture, on-premise, and Cloud.

Previously he has worked as a Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) within a Customer Success Unit. In this role, he was tasked with helping Microsoft's many existing and new Azure customers in the journey to fully utilize the benefits of the cloud – both as standalone and as a Hybrid Cloud.

Jan describes himself: «As an architect within this area I am utilizing my experience in a lot of aspects regarding Cloud implementations, from infrastructure & governance to application & data migration and innovation, including the new Cloud born data innovations like Data Lake, IoT, Machine Learning & streaming analytics.»


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